Every Sunday throughout the summer, the Windjammer has lured bikini babes (and some bombs) to the stage for the chance to compete for $3,000 and prizes in the finals. After 14 weeks of competition, the field was narrowed down to 10 lovely ladies hungry to win the cash, the prizes, and above all the right to boast the sexiest swimsuit body of 2011.

Rain clouds threatened the contest more than once, but the keyed-up crowd would not be denied half-naked girls. After a brief downpour, DJ Shea corralled the crowd back onto the wet volleyball court and eventually brought the contestants to the stage. They were presented as a group to the crowd — which resembled a tank full of sharks swarming at feeding time — then sent off stage and called up one at a time, giving each competitor a chance to woo the horde. DJ Shea enlightened us with inside information about the women’s individual turn-ons and crazy antics. Most contestants either walked with the smile and wave or went with full-on bootie-shaking — both tactics were appreciated by the crowd.

The votes were judged by crowd applause, and the pool of 10 was reduced to three: hard-bodied Kim Bazzle, bubbly Geanna Abdon, and all-American girl Caitlin Gaban. The final round of judging was intense, whipping the shark tank into a frenzy until Gaban was crowned as the winner of this year’s Windjammer Bud Light Lime Bikini Bash.