Courtyard - 2011 1st Place Pro category
  • David Dix
  • “Pineapple Fountain” – 2011 1st Place Amateur category,

Charleston-area photogs, get your shutter fingers ready, because it’s time for the 2013 City Paper Photo Contest.

Here’s the deal:
Starting today through March 1, you can submit your favorite, best, or (insert superlative here) photos that fits the contest theme of “My Charleston”. Now that’s a pretty loose theme, so we’re expecting some really great and interesting snaps from around the area.

It’ll cost you $7 per photo to enter, and you can enter as many of your favorite pics as you want, but if you just want to submit that one photo you’ve been patting yourself on the back about, that’s fine too.

Winners from both Student/Amateur and Professional categories will receive cash or prizes and will see their photos published in the March 13, 2013 issue of the City Paper. The amount of money paid to the winners depends on the number of entries, so start shooting.

We’re looking for the best that Chucktown has to offer, so all photos must be recent, previously unpublished, and cannot have been entered in previous City Paper photo contests.

That’s it, simple enough right? Click here to enter your photos right now.

Remember, the deadline is 5:00pm, March 1, 2013.

UPDATE: Since many of you have asked, we can accept submissions in any of the standard image formats (jpg, tiff, png, etc.) as long as the file is less than 10MB—so don’t go sending us your 80MB RAW files. And just a tip: the higher the image resolution, the easier our judges will be able to fully evaluate your photo, so the bigger, the better.