The Reckless casting crew opened the office on Monday and have been posting updates galore on their Facebook page. Notices introducing new members of the team, letting people know the policies, and informing us not to expect it to be managed exactly like Army Wives popped up on our news feed. These posts were fairly easy to skip over, however there was one that caught our attention. The casting of a “roly poly” type worker who needs to be willing to show his crack — way to feed right into that stereotype CBS. Anyone interested in showing off his coin slot will receive $58 for the eight-hour shift for the July 31 shoot.

If you’re a tad more modest, the crew is still searching for 6 foot tall stand in for Adam Rodriguez, which also pays better at $80/eight-hour job. The posts should be occurring on a more regular basis with the shooting scheduled to begin at the end of the month, so some lucky Charlestonians (and their bootays) will have their prime time debut. Become a fan on the CBS Reckless Extras Facebook to stay on track with all the casting news.