The following is a repost of my thoughts from the Campaign for Liberty blog:

Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the first meeting of the local chapter of Campaign for Liberty for District 1 in Charleston, South Carolina. Organizer Sarabeth Rudd, known as “constitutiongirl” on CFL message boards did a fine job of putting together the meeting and exhibited the enthusiasm that has come to define the ongoing rEVOLution, particularly amongst the youth.

Reflecting the Ron Paul campaign itself, the meeting was attended by young and old, male and female, political veterans and the formerly apathetic, heavy metal fans and Christian homeschoolers – the broadest social spectrum one could imagine.

With a Republican Party now desperately looking to attract broad coalitions, similar to those which proved so beneficial to the Obama campaign, it should be noted – and I’m certainly not the first to do so – that on the GOP side, only Congressman Paul attracted voters from across generational, party, political, gender, ethnic and religious lines. But there is one major difference…

Whereas voters were primarily attracted to Obama’s charm and charisma and his policies were secondary – Dr. Paul received the exact opposite attention. The admittedly uncharismatic Paul garnered an audience precisely because of his ideas. Those ideas are why you’re reading this blog. Those ideas are why the Campaign for Liberty exists.

And it remains those ideas that inspired a small group of concerned citizens from different walks of life to gather in a small, BBQ restaurant in the South Carolina Lowcountry this evening – even after the election. As far as I know, there were no John McCain, Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani or Sarah Palin-inspired gatherings in the area this evening, nor are there any planned in the near future.

A wiser, chastened and more politically practical Republican Party would be taking notes. And until they do, the Campaign for Liberty, by city, by state and nationwide will continue to move forward, organize and take action.