In last week’s column, I wrote about attempts by the Carroll “Tumpy” Campbell III campaign to deny previous media claims that the 1st Congressional District candidate is a lobbyist and that his company, Carroll Campbell and Associates, is a lobbying firm.

Of course, Tumpy’s denial seemed to contradict earlier statements made by himself and associate Russell Munn on the Carroll Campbell and Associates website in the press release section:

“The addition of our new partners clearly demonstrates our commitment to politics and public policy in South Carolina. We plan to continue our goal of building a premier lobbying practice in this state,” says Carroll Campbell, chairman of Carroll Campbell and Associates.

Munn followed with a statement of his own:

“I could not be more delighted to have a core group of accomplished lobbyists in our firm. The skills and reputations of our partners add to our already substantial lobbying capabilities.”

Prior to the publication of last week’s column, I sent a link to the press release with the above-mentioned quotes to Brent Littlefield of the Campbell campaign.

Now those quotes and the press release in which they were included are apparently no longer on the site. Feel free to look for yourself.

As for the original press release, you can click on the screen grab image below.