Carroll Campbell III launched his Congressional campaign on Wednesday, laying out his attack plan for the primary race. Campbell is challenging five-term Congressman and fellow Republican Henry Brown for the 1st District seat. Brown is considered vulnerable by both Republicans and Democrats after a close race with Charleston Democrat Linda Ketner in 2008.

“We deserve better than Henry Brown,” Campbell said.

The campaign strategy is likely to focus on Brown and federal spending, including the congressman’s continued support for earmarks for 1st District projects.

“‘Where’s the beef?’ Unfortunately, Mr. Brown’s beef is nothing but pork,” Campbell said.

He also noted Brown’s heavy use of taxpayer-funded mailers to voters in the district.

“You’ll know I’ve been working for South Carolina, you won’t have to read it in a newsletter,” Campbell said.

In the brief speech, Campbell also rolled out his priorities: jobs, conservative healthcare reform, fiscal discipline, and fighting terrorism.