What do you NOT understand about cell phone etiquette? Hang it up when youre driving in busy traffic, in line at the cash register/check out, when youre sitting at the table in a restaurant, and my personal non-understandable fave: in a loud bar or at a show/concert. And now, it’s bad enough that everywhere I go I have to hear one side of a thousand inane conversations, but you people with the Nextel walkies really take rude to another whole level!! Why on earth do you think ANYONE needs (or wants!) to hear BOTH sides of your (usually LOUD & boring) conversation? Are you to lazy to hold the phone up to your ear? You know, there is such a thing as putting your phone on “silent ring” and you know, you really can tell the caller: “let me call you back when I’m alone.”
And while I’m at it, can you blue-tooth users look down or somewhere else while youre talking so you dont freak everyone out wondering if youre either a)talking to Us, or b) Crazy.