Cannibal Corpse
Oasis Bar & Grill
Nov. 6

It was a packed house at the Oasis on Saturday night for what was nothing short of heavy metal royalty gracing the stage. Metal Blade recording artists Cannibal Corpse rolled through town like a freight train and left plenty of beer, blood, and brutality in their wake.

Old-school metal heads drank plenty of booze while the underage kids mingled and chain-smoked out back. Vital Remains, who have been around almost as long as Cannibal Corpse, took the stage around 9 p.m. and played very fast and very tight. At 10 p.m., Dying Fetus went on and, according to one guy who was standing next to me, rocked “like the Rush of death metal.” Both bands proved that some things do improve with age.

The excitement was almost volatile as everyone waited for the headliners. The mighty Cannibal Corpse took the stage at 11 p.m., and the house almost came down on everyone’s head. The opening song “Wretched” was like a punch in the face that left everyone wanting more. They plowed through classics like “Devoured by Vermin” and “Gutted,” which sound more intense now then when they were released more than 15 years ago. As their set progressed, more hits rolled out and the mosh pit got insane. There wasn’t anyone, aside from some parents in the back, who wasn’t looking on in amazement that they were here and they were ours.

Everyone waited to hear the big time classics like “Fucked with a Knife”, “I Cum Blood,” and “Hammer Smashed Face.” No one was disappointed when they were assaulted with them. As the show ended, the singer, George “Corpsegrinder” Fischer, reminded us to “keep supporting death fucking metal.” With the massive turnout at the Oasis, that won’t likely be a problem in the near future.

This show would not have been for everyone because it takes quite a bit of patience to listen to, let alone watch, this type of music. Cannibal Corpse are giants in this field, and it was incredible to see them here in Charleston. Is this music cheesy? Yes. Is it fun to watch? You bet your ass.

All of the bands were faster than should be humanly possible and that only drove the intensity of the crowd. Cheers to the Oasis for keeping extreme music rolling through town.