[embed-1]You know what Charleston has been missing? Balloons. Fear not, you can get your fill of balloons and more at the new Cannonborough Collective, a balloon and gift shop located at 185-A St. Philip St. Started by local bloggers Charleston Weekender (Liz Martin) and The Tiny Tassel (Mimi Striplin), Cannonborough Collective opened just this week and will celebrate with a Derby Day grand opening party on Saturday from 11 a.m.-6 p.m. with mint juleps and a TBD food truck.

In addition to balloons and gifts, Cannonborough Collective features a bouquet bar by Fetes de Fleurs. A bouquet what? Yep, Fetes de Fleurs sells flowers by the stem so you can make your own arrangement at a price point that works for you.

Collectives seem to be popping up left and right in this city, with the threesome at 308 Coming St. (J. Stark, Sisal Creative, and Stems) and last month’s One Love Design Collective coming to mind. We love to see collaborations in this city — especially in downtown buildings where we can only imagine that rent ain’t cheap. Here’s to hoping these collectives, and pop-ups in general, keep thriving.