Bonus: 1.something extra or additional given freely

           2.something given or paid over and above what is due

Yesterday President Obama was laying out the details of his Stimulus Package.  One of the key tenets is capping executive pay at $400,000 for those companies who accept bailout money.  People were freaking out: Comrade Obama, Commie City USA, Moscow, here we come. 

While I have reservations about anyone in the government telling people in the private sector how much they can make, I also have reservations about companies taking 800 billion dollars from the Feds.  These people are complaining about getting paid $400,000 for jobs they are obviously not qualified to handle?   These are the same assholes who gave themselve 20 billion dollars in bonuses during one of the worst financial years in history.  How are these guys possibly giving themselves bonuses?  They lost money.  You can’t give yourself a bonus when you lose money because at that point, it’s no longer a bonus.  It’s stealing.   

I have a better idea about what to do with executives who have run their companies so far into the ground that they have to take tax payer money to bail themselves out…how about fire those mother fuckers?  I got fired from a bartending job once because my register as $3 off, and these scum bags, these welts on the hide of humanity are complaining about getting $400,000!  They should be cowering in the corner like little school children saying thank you sir, thank you so so much sir.  They should be forced to go see the old people who’s retirement they totally napalmed.  Explain to them why $400,000 is too little for them to live off of.  Better yet, they should be forced to adopt a family, and give thm all the bonus money they’ve taken for themselves.