Carbon Leaf
The Pour House
Jan. 5

The Carbon Leaf faithful and a few new initiates filled the Pour House on Tuesday night. (Jan. 5). Carbon Leaf is a huge local act in Virginia, regularly packing venues around Richmond, Blacksburg, and Charlottesville. They actually won the American Music Award’s Best New Music award in 2002. As they cranked up their set, they demonstrated why.

Led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Barry Privett, the band brought a very refreshing sound to Charleston. Their roots run folky, and, as some even say, Celtic. But make no mistake; this is a rock band and they rocked. Their energy and creativity brought the crowd to life, making it a very memorable night. People danced the jig to their rock cover to the Scottish pub classic “Mary Mac,” and then jumped up and down to Carbon Leaf standards like “Blue Ridge Laughing,” “What About Everything,” and “Life Less Ordinary.”

The band appreciated the warm response from the Pour House crowd. “Unlike this time, it won’t be two years until our next Charleston show,” Privett told them. After the show, Privett added that they plan on coming back to Charleston this summer.

If you have not had a chance to see this band or hear their music, you should definitely be there when they do.