If you’ve ever dreamed of a world where having a bit too much and dancing on the bar is accepted, even encouraged, then make your way to Market Street Saloon tonight. Word on the street is that a certain major cable network is holding a second round of casting calls for what could be their next reality show. The casting party for Saloon girls will be held at Market Street Saloon downtown tonight, Fri. July 26 from 6-8 p.m. Plans are for the party to continue at the same time on Friday nights through August.

All of Charleston’s beautiful, extroverted, well-rounded, dancing women — preferably with bar tending experience — are invited to take part in the search. Much of this week’s casting call is similar to the first one they held. Women are still are encouraged to “dress to impress,” but this time they are told to bring their friends, family, and “fans” (because we all have fans, right?). Cameras will be rolling and drinks will be flowing to catch all the antics and help loosen up the candidates.

Market Street Saloon’s girls are more than just “the hottest bartenders” in all of Charleston — at least according to the bar’s website — they are full-fledged singing and dancing entertainers. Whether or not that’s true, the network shouldn’t have trouble casting a show of ridiculously beautiful women in a city that routinely makes the top 5 in Travel + Leisure‘s most attractive people list. The bigger question seems to be “Can these ridiculously attractive women get up on a bar and shake what their mama’s gave them?” Reality TV connoisseur or not, these casting call parties are sure to be full of entertainment.