Credit: @hunniddegreez

Local musician Tyrie Young has assembled a lineup of local hip-hop and indie artists for his Dec. 11 Collective Sounds event, Iced Out, at LO-Fi Brewing. 

In addition to Tyrie’s own performance, the lineup includes hip-hop artists Anfernee, Crucial BGR, Lush_Carter and DJ Dolla Menu and alt-rock group Sounds of Black Fox, with sounds provided by Mr. E and DJ Norway. Vendors include Billy Thrift and The Almighty Apparel. Tickets for the 5 p.m. event are available here

One name that’s newer to the Iced Out ranks is Crucial BGR, a hip-hop artist who grew up in Charleston and has since relocated to Columbia. Crucial has been putting out music since 2018 and founded Bag Group Representative, an artist collective of videographers, designers, musicians and multimedia artists. His work encompasses not only experimental rap, but also poetry, and most recently, writing scripts for a new episodic concept he’s developing. 

“The majority of what I do is freestyle and going off that energy in the moment,” Crucial said of his songwriting process. “It’s all setting up punch lines mixed with storytelling.”

His discography has been recorded between Twin D1 Studios in West Ashley and GOT Sounds Studio in Columbia. This year he’s dropped a full-length record, Already a Legend, and a three-track EP, Crucial Day.

“I want to cement my artistry,” he said. “How I am as an artist and my whole brand as a collective — I want to push my narrative forward as much as I can. I just have to dot my Is and cross my Ts.”