Local singer-songwriter Samantha Gaton is hoping to add a bit more pop to her sound in new projects | Provided

To say singer-songwriter Samantha Gaton is busy would be an understatement. The rising artist, who had just dropped a new version of her soulful single, “Underwater,” has a packed schedule of local shows. She’s also focusing on writing and recording brand new material set to be released before the end of the year.

“I’m hoping to maybe add a little bit more of a pop sound than just the singer-songwriter feel, trying to produce a little bit more than my other songs have been produced, and trying to open my mind to that a little bit, because I’m very timid when it comes to adding a bunch of instruments to the song,” Gaton said. Her compositions include an inspirational, upbeat pop song, as well as a piano ballad.

Though she typically finds it easier to write songs that delve into life’s heavier topics, she is enthusiastic about the happy track she has in the works. The song was inspired by the singer’s favorite tarot card and describes manifesting your desires into reality through self-reflection and positive affirmations.

“I’m really excited because it’s all about feeling good, being yourself and accomplishing your dreams,” she said.

Another in-progress track details the loss of a relationship, displaying her lyrical talent for exploring some of life’s more unpleasant moments. “[It’s] all about moving forward,” she said, a message she clearly has taken to heart in terms of her career trajectory.

Gaton has become a fixture at North Charleston’s Rusty Bull Brewing Co., performing at artist Kane Brown’s pre-party the brewery put on earlier this year. She is set to return for a show Nov. 27 at Rusty Bull, followed by a show at Big John’s Tavern on Dec. 3.  

“I feel like I’ve really grown and become more comfortable performing live,” she said. Having just placed fifth in the running in a contest to open at the Hollywood Bowl, she’s clearly not afraid to put herself out there.

Gaton also hopes to continue to broaden her horizons, perhaps taking her talents to New England to play a few gigs where her sister lives. She’s also interested in checking out the Nashville scene. 

“I want to really focus on music and developing a brand for myself,” she said. “I’m going to try to be a more well-rounded musician and representative of myself, learn a little bit more about the industry and release some music along the way because, you know, that’s what it’s all about.”