Make no mistake, tomorrow morning will be Charleston County School District Superintendent Gerrita Postlewait’s first trial by fire. Instead of canceling school like Dorchester District 2 and 4 and Berkeley County, CCSD is open for business … but not for busing. 

According to two recently released CCSD spreadsheets, 18 bus stops will be canceled and some 100 different routes will be delayed in Charleston County tomorrow morning.

While you certainly have to applaud Postlewait for wanting to get students back to school, you have to wonder if any of the information her office has on closures and delays can even make it out to the public.

It will be next to impossible for TV or radio to list off any of these 100 delays in a way that makes any sense to anyone. In fact, only those with internet access — and who were actively awaiting CCSD’s announcement concerning which stops would be canceled and which routes would be delayed — will have this information. 

Seriously, folks, this isn’t a simple matter of “schools in District No. 12 are closed due to snow and today’s Hunger Games lottery.” The list of delays is a complex list of bus routes. Children riding 100 different routes are going to be waiting for who knows how long for their bus to school to arrive, and the average parent, will be none the wiser. All they hear is that schools are open tomorrow, and so they will send their kids to the bus stop to wait … and wait … and wait … and wait. Geez.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the PDFs below.

And may the odds be forever in your favor.