You know that awkward feeling when you’re the first person to show up to a party and you make small talk with the host, praying for other guests to arrive? Yeah, that happened on Saturday night at 6 Glebe Street for the party held in honor of Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet. A waiter, poised with a silver tray of drinks, waited to greet the guests, while inside the candles were lit, the centerpieces beautifully arranged, and food dished into martini glasses with only us media folk there to enjoy it.

As the guests began to trickle in, and trickle they did, they grabbed a Southside cocktail. Guests nibbled down on orzo pasta, pimento cheese, calamari, and cashew chicken provided by Holy City Catering. The Cedar Lake dancers made a beeline for the food and took their places at some of the tables to refuel. The non-dancers and donors attending the party mingled amongst each other and discussed the night’s performance on the other side of the catering table, creating a palpable divide.

Then Mike Daisey showed up — he was kind enough to let us take his picture, but he didn’t seem interested in talking or schmoozing. We approached the Cedar Lake dancers instead, and they gushed over how beautiful Charleston is and how nice the people are — the usual Charleston compliments.