It’s easy to say “eat local, buy local” but let’s be honest, how often does that actually happen? If you’ve been lacking in the endeavor, one delicious opportunity is right around the corner with Legare Farms Annual Fall Harvest Dinner.

Shake the hands that harvest Johns Island food during a meet-the-farmer reception, then indulge in a wholesome dinner featuring Legare Farm’s beef, pork, and harvest vegetables.

Local favorites Fred Neuville from The Fat Hen, Craig Deihl from Cypress, and Micah Garrison from Middleton Place, among others, will be combining their talents to turn the fresh goods into a delicious feast.

Instrumental guitarist Ricky Rio and violin trio Sarah Berry, Audrey Johnson, and Sheena Stover will also be at the event, playing both during the reception and dinner. Tickets are $50 and proceeds benefit Legare Farms Education Foundation. Act quick if you want to reserve a spot by stopping by the farm or calling 559-0788.