[embed-1] Nobody puts baby in the corner. (Unless they’re celebrating Patrick Swayze’s birthday. Then it’s OK.)

Swayze may have passed away in ’09, but his legacy lives on. In honor of what would have been his 66th birthday, Tin Roof is throwing a birthday bash for the man himself on Aug. 21 at 7 p.m. — and it’s got themed events galore.

His movies will be rolling on the big screen while the three games (“Throw Baby in the Corner,” “Ghost Play-Doh Sculpting,” and “Chippendales Dance-off”) are going down. There will also be themed sips and snacks that you can grab on the way to the photo booth, where you can snap a picture with a custom Swayze face mask.

Don’t miss out on the fun. Do it for Swayze.

*Please note this event has been pushed back to Wed. Aug. 21.