Even though Charleston lacks one cohesive barbecue style, it sure as hell has a barbecue culture.

Fans of pulled pork, brisket, or beef stand by their barbecue joints. Fiery Ron’s, Mama Brown’s, JB’s Smokeshake, or Moose’s — these are only a few places that connoisseurs of that savory smoked meat list as favorites.

Central BBQ in Summerville just opened on June 3, and they’re hoping to be added to the pantheon of Charleston cookin’. Owner and pit boss Jay Lancaster sends his meat out sans sauce. His attitude is if the meat’s worth eating it can stand alone. The flavor comes from slow smoking the meat over oak.

Of course, for all of those junkies of South Carolina’s vinegar or mustard sauces, you can get those on the side. Stop by at 11 a.m. to get the meat as soon as it’s out of the smoker, but there’s no telling how long it’ll last and the restaurant only stays open until the day’s offerings are sold out.

“Our goal is to cook fresh barbecue every single day,” says Lancaster. “By running out on a daily basis I, and our customers, are guaranteed the freshest product possible.”

Smoked chicken and ribs are available along with the pork, but ribs are a Saturday-only treat.

You can find Central Barbecue at 903 Central Ave. Call (843) 812-5560 for more information.