The Carolina Film Alliance, a group of filmmakers dedicated to boosting their industry profile, met at the Hippodrome on April 28 to vote in a new board of directors who will serve for the next two years. The new honchos include Akim Anastopoulo, a producer and owner of Hollywood SC Studios; casting director Richard Futch, who finds faces for Army Wives; Hippodrome owner Mike Furlinger; and Trident Tech professor John Wilson. Positions will be announced at the next board meeting, scheduled for May. The CFA has been lying low for almost a year under former President John Barnhardt, who felt the Alliance needed a fresh approach and a new website. Barnhardt emphasized film screenings and collaborations with the Olde North Charleston Picture House to show projects by local directors. “His agenda was pushing it towards the independent film side,” says Vice President Richard Almes. “You could reverse engineer the industry, like the Austin, Texas film community did. There, larger pictures are attracted by smaller successes.” CFA’S main aim is to boost membership, which can include anyone interested in seeing films made in the Carolinas.