Wednesday night’s Charleston Fashion Week show had the three Bs: Babies, boobs, and buff dudes. And really, that’s all you need at a fashion show, right?

We jest, of course. There were plenty of great clothes at the show — they just tended to get upstaged by their models every now and then.


Jamie Lin Snider started things off with a delightfully vampy show that did not disappoint. An Emerging Designer finalist in 2010, Snider owns a vintage shop on King Street, and she’s been busy crafting an all-new collection for spring/summer. The line was diverse, with everything from a full-skirted, backless 1950s-esque green dress to a high-necked sheer gown with strategically placed embroidery. There wasn’t a weak link in the show.

Next up was the Ike Behar show, hosted by a King Street menswear store. Although I’m no expert on suits, I will say that they’re pretty awesome when worn by adorable little boys. Ladies also whooped for the shirtless dudes, of course.

The Emerging Designer Competition started off with Serena da Conceicao, an FIT-trained Brooklyn-based designer who draws inspiration from her Brazilian roots. Conceicao’s training and years of experience were evident in her polished collection inspired by the power suit. Seabrook Island’s Lulu Long, the only semi-local designer in the competition, was up next with her children’s collection. Once again, the cute kids stole the show, but the clothes — screenprinted T-shirts, cargo pants, basic dresses — looked like they could have come from the mall.

Korean-born Hyemin Cho, a SCAD grad now based in New York, presented a mostly black collection with clean, almost boxy silhouettes and splashes of stained glass-like color. Then Durham couple Clarissa Aroncena and Bryan Datinguinoo gave us their line inspired by the Industrial Revolution’s working class — but the tweed pants and plain button-ups just felt boring. The night’s competition wrapped up with Cassidy Elizabeth-Mae Brown, a Florida-based SCADer who called her inspiration “Tribal Royale.” Models sporting massive headdresses and dramatic gowns had the audience hollering for more. Brown went on to win the people’s choice award, while Serena da Conceicao was the judges’ pick.

The night ended on a high note with a show from local children’s line neve/hawk. The kids were cute, but they didn’t upstage the well-crafted clothes, from striped legging and gold velvet shorts to sweet little harem pants and structured coats. We just wish they made them in our size.