Writing on the 2007 festival for the New York Times’ new ArtsBeat blog yesterday, in a post about Thursday’s Chamber Music V program reporter James Oestreich goes straight for the jugular: “In the Dock Street Theater, a jewel box of an auditorium,” he writes, “Charles Wadsworth presented one of his notorious concerts of chamber music laced with corny palaver.”

Notorious? Corny palaver? The Lowbrow’s started down that path before in commenting on Wadsworth’s pregame banter, but he’s always pulled up short due to, oh, I don’t know, call it respect for one’s elders. And also fear of being the butt of one of those puns. But Oestreich’s aim isn’t to denigrate; he’s just doing some reporterly observing, and he concludes on a positive note:

“But groan as you might (and you might), on some level you have to admire Mr. Wadsworth’s sustained ability to attract loyal and appreciative audiences of any age without compromising musical standards. Uninitiated older listeners have at least as much to gain from a familiarity with classical music as the coveted younger ones do.”

True. But I still suspect Ostreich is going to be called to account by Lindsay Koob. At the dueling grounds, dawn tomorrow.