[image-1]Good news for people who love drinking wine at the movies, Terrace Theatre owner Paul Brown tells us that he recently re-signed the James Island theater’s lease for “a long time.” The theater, which shows everything from wide release blockbusters to one-night screenings of local documentaries, has become a staple in Maybank Highway’s Meyer Park Plaza Shopping Center since it opened in 1997.

But it’s making a few changes. The Terrace recently unveiled a new logo designed by Brian Steely, the artist who created the Decemberists’ (a staff favorite) logo. Brown says that the collaboration came about quite simply: he emailed the Decemberists’ manager and asked who designed their logo, then asked Steely if he could design something for the Terrace. 

In addition to their new branding, the Terrace is also looking forward to some more design changes, specifically to the outside of the building. The Terrace is working with Canadian artist John Abrams to create a new mural for the theater — a move that Brown views as the Terrace giving back to the community in which it thrives. Abrams paints stills from movie scenes. So look for something possibly Hitchcockian appearing outside the theater soon. In the meantime, you can check out more of Abrams’ work here.