If you are safe and in a position to help women, femmes, and other marginalized communities stay safe during Hurricane Florence, there are a few things you can do.

 Join Charleston Activist Network’s (CAN) grassroots efforts by directly helping those in need by donating to CAN and other direct support organizations. As of Tuesday night, CAN had given direct support to over 60 families to help with storm evacuations and preparation.

[image-2] So far, CAN’s Tamika Gadsden says the organization has received “unconditional support and direct financial assistance” as a result of assistance from national organizations like Women’s March, Building Maroonage efforts, and activist/Ferguson Response Network founder, Leslie Mac.

Mac created a call-for-support video yesterday asking for help for black communities, with funds raised now going directly into the hands of those most affected, helping with everything from survival supplies to rent. With so many businesses shutting down in the coming days, folks along the coast will struggle to stay afloat with bills.

Gadsden says, “Even 10 bucks goes a long way.”


To donate through CAN, you can Paypal tamika@charlestonactivistnetwork.com or Cash App to $mikagadsden.

There’s also a Charleston hurricane prep Amazon Wishlist you can use to donate supplies.

Monetary donations that will be distributed directly to black women and non-men in need via Leslie Mac can be made here.

You can also access the Coalition to Support Racial Justice Organizing’s Building Maroonage direct support crisis toolkit.