Local environmental groups and community leaders are banding together and demanding action. They are asking their communities to join them for a global climate rally 3-5 p.m. this Fri. Sept. 20, at Stern Center Gardens to kick off the Climate Crisis Moment event.

Planned to be a week-long event to provide community members with the opportunity to discuss climate change, the focus will be on discussions of real solutions and asking leaders to step up and meet the challenge of climate change.

“We’ve just never had the chance to manifest together, connect, and start hearing and seeing it spoken about in public,” said Gary Smith, one of the event’s organizers. “We are, in unison, calling on our legislators to start taking actions that would really give us a chance, and give our children a chance.”

The rally will be followed by a series of talks and workshops throughout downtown Charleston until Sept. 27.

For a full list of workshops and talks, check our event calendar.

Rising sea levels, eroding shorelines, and storms of increasing strength and frequency are just the beginning of the list of local effects of climate change. According to a press release, many Lowcountry residents claim pollution is having negative effects on their health and quality of life, especially those living close to factories, highways, and refineries.

Fossil fuel projects, such as offshore drilling, have been a talking point for the community and its representatives for some time.


Local activists, politicians, and leaders in Charleston join the Global Climate Strike movement in their goals and demands. These desires range from broad goals like establishing a timeline to transition to 100 percent renewable energy, to more local ones like increasing public transportation between neighborhoods.

Charleston’s Climate Crisis Moment joins over 2,500 events that have been planned as a part of this movement. Inspired by Fridays for Future, started by a Swedish teenager named Greta Thunberg, during which school students left classrooms on Fridays to call attention to the climate crisis.


Thunberg and other climate organizers are following in these footsteps, calling for international action. According to a news release, protests, marches, workshops, and more are scheduled in 117 countries so far.

Charleston-area transit and $15 minimum wage activists will also organize their own events to highlight the climate strike. More info on that from the Best Friends of the Lowcountry.

More information on the workshops and other events throughout the week will be available at the rally as well as through @climaterealitySC and @allianceforplanetearth on Facebook.