This past weekend Lake City, S.C. held its annual arts festival and competition, ArtFields, which sends artists home with a total of $120,000 in cash prizes each year . Charleston-based artist Kristi Ryba took home the second place prize of $25,000 for her mixed media piece, “Chapel of Perpetual Adoration.”

Ryba’s art is pretty incredible — she uses her family’s vintage photographs to make paintings based on the iconography and ideals of Medieval and Renaissance altarpieces and manuscripts. She uses 22K gold leaf and egg tempera on wooden panels for her pieces — check ’em out on her website.

[image-1] In addition to Ryba, Charleston artist Colin Quashie also took home some dough from ArtFields — $12,500 for People’s Choice (2D). We’ve been a fan of Quashie’s for a while, and aren’t surprised that his piece, “Plantation Tree Life,” which has shown at spots like The Southern, was a fest favorite.