[image-1] Artist Connor Lock is the first artist to be featured in the Create, Erase, Repeat series, produced by the Charleston Arts Festival. The Charleston what festival? From Oct. 5-9 the Charleston Arts Festival, created by Andrew Walker, the creator of Jail Break, and Terry Fox, PURE Theatre’s president of the board of directors, present four days of all things art — from visual to music to cuisine. Stay tuned for more info on the festival in the next couple of weeks.

Until then, enjoy the first of the Create, Erase, Repeat videos. In the series, artists create a work on a white board … only to erase it at the end. And yes, that’s as hard to watch as it sounds.

The video opens with Lock starting up his vintage truck and driving it to the top floor of the Mary Street parking garage, where he draws his design on a white board in the bed of the pickup. Drone footage captures the artist driving the truck at sunset in front of stunning views of the city.

Lock is the founder of the local graphic designer company, SEVEN.

Videos of artists Chechel Justiss, Nic Jenkins, Karen Ann Myers, and Paul Cristina will be released in the next few weeks. 

Create | Erase | Repeat – Featuring Connor Lock from Stu & Drew on Vimeo.