The first preview we saw of CBS’ Reckless that dropped in early April was a pretty typical teaser — light on the details and didn’t have much at all in the way of Charleston landmarks. A flurry of new teasers posted to a RecklessCBS YouTube channel over the past week had us scrubbing through the clips, trying to spot Charleston landmarks done-up by Hollywood for the new Holy City-based crime soap scheduled to premiere on Sunday, June 29.

Here’s a look at a few of the places we recognized in a quick spin through the newest previews:

Washington Square behind City Hall (Watch Here)


Fountain Walk near S.C. Aquarium (Watch Here)


Charleston City Council Chambers (Watch Here)


Steps of City Hall (Watch Here)


Inside Federal Courthouse (Watch Here)


Rootop Bar at Vendue Inn (Watch Here)


East Bay St. at Columbus St. (Watch Here)


Mixson Ave. near Montague Ave. in Park Circle (h/t to N. Charleston’s Ryan Johnson, Watch Here)


A slightly remodeled Oak Steakhouse (h/t Eater’s Erin Perkins, Watch Here)


And there are a couple that we are stumped on … Any hints from you jackals in the comments about these?

Maybe in a Fountain Walk or Maritime Center building? Maybe on a soundstage? (Watch Here)


Marsh-front house somewhere nearby (Watch Here)