[image-1] The most Charleston thing ever took place Thursday, when the city issued a press released lamenting that a potentially dangerous red oak will be removed.

Parks department officials noticed that the tree, located at the corner of Rutledge Avenue and Moultrie Street, was split at the trunk. It was deemed a “life safety issue” by the department.

“The removal of a historic tree is not something we take lightly,” said city parks director Jason Kronsberg in a statement. “Unfortunately, this particular tree has reached its maximum life span and constitutes a threat to public safety.”

This announcement shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone familiar with the city’s stringent rules governing the landscape of historic downtown Charleston, where the Board of Architectural Review keeps tight control over whatever goes up and comes down on the peninsula.

The oak tree set to come down today on Rutledge may be familiar to people in the area. It’s the one next to Hampton Park where a boardwalk is built over the sprawling old tree’s roots.