The Charleston Center for Photography, which until recently was owned by award-winning former military photographer Stacy Pearsall, got a new owner as of Nov. 1 — Mahmood Fazal, a photographer and CCP instructor. Fazal has taught photography for 10 years, and works with both digital and film. 

Pearsall is staying on as a consultant to the CCP, but she’ll be spending most of her time working on her own personal projects, especially the Veterans Portrait Project (read our story on that here). Fazal will continue CCP’s work of providing free lectures, workshops for novice to advanced photographers, studio rentals, and special benefits for members. In addition, Fazal intends to ramp up the CCP’s focus on community involvement. 

The CCP is no longer located full-time at its home at 654 King St., Suite D, but workshops, lectures, and events will continue to be held there. To find out more about the CCP, visit