As Haiti reels from a massive 7.0 earthquake and reports upwards of a hundred thousand dead, a Charleston-based Christian nonprofit organization is mobilizing relief efforts. Water Missions International says it will be sending 10 water purification systems as soon as possible to the devastated country. WMI says each water treatment system can treat 10,000 gallons of water per day, enough for 5,000 people in a disaster situation, and news organizations are reporting that access to water is the number one issue facing survivors. WMI expects these 10 systems to be the first of many to be sent.

Spokesperson Lindsay Wine says four staff WMI members were stationed in Haiti, just 10 miles outside of the epicenter in Port-au-Prince. They have confirmed that one staff member is safe and unharmed, but have been unable to reach the others.

Because WMI already has an established aid program in Haiti, the organization will be able to aid victims quickly.

Tomorrow at 1 p.m., Mayor Joseph Riley will be holding a press conference at WMI’s offices (2049 Savannah Hwy.) with founders George and Molly Greene and Director of International Programs Patrick Haughney, who will be traveling to Haiti to assist with relief efforts. Riley will be urging Charleston residents and businesses to support WMI’s relief efforts for the people of Haiti.

To make a donation to WMI, visit or call (843) 769-7395 or toll free (866) 280-7107.