[embed-1] Five Charleston chefs will go head-to-head tonight on the Food Network’s Bite Club. Kelly Franz of Magnolias, Sean Mendes of Gillie’s Soul Food, Ken Vedrinski of Trattoria Lucca, Harlie Hazel of the Macintosh, and Johnny Chan of Wasabi are the five chefs featured.

The premise of the relatively new show (hosted by S.C.’s own Tyler Florence) is that five chefs from the same town are asked to bring a single special ingredient to a fully-stocked, neutral playing field restaurant kitchen for a competition in which they could be cooking or judging.

At the outset, they pick cards to determine who will cook and who will judge, and then the knives come out as they get down to it. We’re told that today’s episode will feature smoked pork sausage and bitter blood oranges.

Unfortunately, the show is already dated — they’re competing in 492, which closed in August.

Chef Vedrinski, who own’s Lucca downtown and Coda del Pesce on Isle of Palms, has already been featured on Food Network, he beat celebuchef Bobby Flay on the appropriately named Beat Bobby Flay in Aug. 2017.

Bite Club airs on the Food Network at 9 p.m.