[image-1] The chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party announced that he is resigning from the post to openly support Sen. Cory Booker’s Democratic primary campaign.

Brady Quirk-Garvan has held the top job in the local party outpost for five years. Last year, Charleston County Democrats were critical in delivering the victory in U.S. Rep. Joe Cunningham’s 1st Congressional District race.

“I believe strongly that the county chair must remain neural in the primary, but having had the opportunity to meet and have conversations with several of the candidates in the field, there’s one candidate that I believe in my soul is the best leader to take on Donald Trump, win this election, and bring our country together in a way that brings results for the people of South Carolina,” Quirk-Garvan said in a video posted on Twitter Friday morning announcing his resignation.

Quirk-Garvan is the head of business development and operations at Money With a Mission, a Charleston-based impact investment firm. He tells the City Paper that he is not taking a job with the senator’s campaign.

“I’ve got a great job that I love and I also want to spend more time at home with my little 7 month old,” he said.

Trav Robertson, the chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party who announced his own re-election bid on Thursday, announced his support for Quirk-Garvan in a tweet Friday morning.

“Don’t have the words to thank you for your support and work! You are a class act Mr. Chairman,” Robertson wrote.
[embed-1] Quirk-Garvan had recently expressed his discontent with the campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders, who did not reach out to local Democrats ahead of his visit to Charleston in January, according to him.

Sanders, a senator from Vermont and a self-described democratic socialist, came in second behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the state’s 2016 Democratic presidential primary.

“It’s a sad state of affairs compared to their 16 campaign,” Quirk-Garvan told CP in a text message ahead of Sanders’ visit. “I was up in Columbia today with Booker and Sanders and for a guy who had a decent network and four years to build for this it didn’t seem like they were ready for primetime.”

Booker himself praised the former Charleston party chairman in a tweet Friday morning.

“Brady, thank you so much for your kind words,” the senator said. “Your leadership in Charleston County has inspired progressive action across South Carolina, and it’s an honor to have your support.”