Photo by Paul Weaver on Unsplash

A tip of the hat to our sister publication, Charleston Currents, which starts its 13th year of publication with its new issue today.  

In this issue, you can read how PSC Commissioner Tom Ervin says the nation will endure the election.  

“The soul of our nation can and will endure. We have an opportunity to make our country even stronger provided we listen and learn from one another and unite around the common good. We must stand against hate and reject violence and extremism.”

Publisher Andy Brack writes about why newspapers endorse candidates. 

“It’s vital in a democratic society for there to be robust debate about candidates seeking to lead our councils, statehouses and other seats of power. Newspapers, as an integral part of the fourth estate, traditionally comment on all aspects of community life. Good ones also publish letters to the editor about candidates and offer commentary opportunities for candidates and interest groups to make their cases. So for newspapers to fail to provide their own informed opinions on which candidates would best serve a community’s needs is to fail the community. ” 

And some good news:  Theatre 99 is back with live improv and Redux will soon start its annual art auction.  Read and subscribe here.