[image-1]What’s a distiller to do when they want to make more product but can’t fit a 50-foot still in their space? Why move to the country, of course.

That’s the current predicament facing Stephen Heilman, owner of Charleston Distilling Co. Heilman wants to make more booze, but to do so, he needs bigger equipment, so big, in fact, that it won’t fit in his current 501 King St. storefront.

“The new still will hold 5,000 liters,” he says. And with nowhere to put what will be the largest still in the Lowcountry, Heilman is working on opening a new location in greener pastures. Johns Island to be exact.
“We’re gonna move in about a year,” Heilman says. That’s if he gets approval. On Thursday City of Charleston Technical Review Committee will review his plans for 3548 Meeks Farm Road located near Fat Hen restaurant. If OK’d, Heilman hopes to be in the new space by next year.

As for Charleston Distilling Co.’s huge King Street footprint, Heilman says his company will vacate it entirely.

“I’ll either rent it or sell it,” he says. As for the move to Johns Island, he adds, “I’m sure we’ll have less tours, but we’ll be able to crank out a lot more product.”