[image-2] The Charleston Farmers Market has announced its 2019 return to Marion Square — to market to market we shall go Sat. April 13 starting at 8 a.m.

As in years past, with a new season comes a new CFM poster; Farmers Market manager Harrison Chapman says that the annual design let’s the community “get excited about a fresh season. We have so much fun highlighting various aspects of the Charleston Farmers Market and how it brings our community together every Saturday.”

This year’s poster was designed by local illustrator Chris Nickels with artwork by local painter Alex Waggoner.  [image-1]
We’ve been a fan of Waggoner’s for a while — in a March 2018 interview, the SCAD alum explained her relationship with the city and its spaces, the inspiration for her Beresford Studios solo exhibit, SLOW.

“It’s just so old!,” she said. “And it’s a tourist town and it’s old. My hope is that people can slow down a little bit and walk around and take in the oldness of it. The history of it. That’s where the show came from. So we can slow down and maybe not get so wrapped up in the fast progress. Because we have something really special that not every city has.”

You may notice that this year’s poster prominently features a produce-filled Carta bus. Chapman says that while past posters have highlighted specific fruits, veggies, and honey bees to celebrate their abundance in the state, this year “we look forward to encouraging our market-goers to shift their habits by pledging to leave the car at home and to use more environmentally conscious forms of transportation, such as biking, walking, and our public transportation with CARTA.”

In advance of the year’s first market, Chapman encourages people to visit RideCarta.com to find the most convenient route to Marion Square. “Let’s increase community engagement, while reducing our carbon footprint,” says Chapman.