[image-1]Wedding planners, engaged ladies, and the wedding obsessed gathered in the CFW tents Saturday morning. Mimosas and bloody mary’s were plentiful, and Brides.com senior editor Anne Chertoff kicked things off with some wedding tips and trend news. What’s hot? Mini dresses, splashes of color, and the goddess look. Her number one tip: Wear underwear. Obviously?

After coming in a little late, we had to sit toward the back, so the pictures of the first few shows are sadly a little lacking. Belle Couture started it off with a “couture masquerade” theme – the models sauntered down the runway in classic dresses and posed with masks at the end.

White was next – my personal favorite. With branches and flowers in their hair, they looked like earth goddesses. The variety of dresses – all flowy, natural, and a little earthy – featured great details like flowers, bows, sequins, and more. This is where I want to buy my dress when I get married.

[image-2]Bella Vista Bridal from Columbia took the stage next. The Eastern-influenced show had the models sporting chopsticks in their hair (we got a pair in our goodie bag) and great structured pieces. Unlike a few of the stores, Bella did not shy away from ballgowns.

White Label/Charleston Formal Wear at Berlin’s was next. The refreshing theme was high-energy rock ‘n’ roll. It took a bit to get started, but once it did it worked for the most part, though some of the models just seemed out of it (I’d assume they’re getting pretty tired at this point). The menswear ran the gamut from classic/boring to hothothot top hat, gloves, and tails. Love it! A hot girl in a tux with no shirt provided the transition to gowns, many of which featured bold black detailing.

The Gown Boutique of Charleston was the final show and another favorite. The show was inspired by Madonna and featured lots of classic shapes with modern, trendy details, like sparkly belts layered over violet ribbons. The first girl down the runway couldn’t have been more than 4-years-old and she worked it better than most! We also loved Katie Kern’s Gatsby-esque dress and the ballgown with the removable skirt.

After the show Ayoka and Charleston Weddings magazine editor Melissa Bigner took the stage with a model to thank people. The crowd was shocked when the model’s boyfriend took the stage and proposed! They were right in front of me, and I got some great pictures of the moment, even though I’ll admit I was tearing up quite a bit! We’re officially wedding-obsessed. See the entire show slideshow here. –EJ