[image-1] Happy Halloween, Charleston!

If the horror world buzz around the newest Halloween flick is any indication, it could be on its way to breaking box office records this weekend as it opens in theaters nationwide.

Box Office Pro says it is “bullishly” confident that the Charleston-filmed sequel could surpass the recent October opening weekend record, $80.3 million, set by Venom on its release earlier this month.

The Thursday night figures came in around $7.7 million, the strongest opening night for a horror movie this year and the biggest for any R-rated movie since Deadpool 2 in May.
[content-9] Either way, a successful box office run for Halloween could mean a big payday for its star, Jamie Lee Curtis. For reprising her role as the franchise protagonist Laurie Strode, Curtis reportedly took a modest salary in exchange for a share of the box office take, according to an iHorror report last year. iHorror cites a similar arrangement for Ethan Hawke for his efforts in The Purge and Sinister, which reportedly earned him $10 million for the $112 million combined box office revenue.

It’s worth noting that Blumhouse, the horror specialists behind those films, which is known for parlaying huge success with low-budgets, is also involved in Halloween. The film is written, directed, and produced by Charleston-based Rough House Pictures, which includes director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride.

With Curtis’ previous work earning her $2-3 million per film, iHorror says, Halloween could mean the biggest take-home in her career.

Halloween officially opens nationwide today.