[image-1]We personally don’t have much of a green thumb — we can’t even keep our artificial plants alive. But luckily here in Charleston we can visually reap the benefits of those more blessed than us, like Patti McGee, a founding member of the Charleston Horticultural Society. McGee’s shade garden is featured on HGTV Gardens site this week. (McGees’ garden is considered a shade garden because it does not receive a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day and is primarily for ornamental purposes instead of for growing produce.)

McGee showed her garden around to hgtvgardens.com editor Felicia Feaster during her visit for the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Directory garden tours during Spoleto. Feaster received a private tour of the gardens with Charleston Horticultural Society Executive Director Kyle Barnette and Charleston Horticultural Society tours manager Susan Epstein and is now sharing photos that she took with home and garden enthusiasts throughout the world. In her slideshow, Feaster notes the garden’s aesthetically pleasing touches from a whimsical tree that appears to have a face to small water ponds that create a tranquil space. See for yourself at hgtv.com.