Upon first reading the headline “Gay activist wants to spruce up park,” our first reaction was that it really didn’t matter that Joseph Fennell is gay. Then, upon reading said article, we realized that it REALLY does matter.

After organizing a November march in support of gay civil rights, Joseph Fennell heard some people remark that the gay community doesn’t do much to help the community at large. He decided to show them how wrong they were.

Fennell, a 25-year-old Charleston native, is working with a group of volunteers to establish a nonprofit organization aimed at improving the lives of needy Lowcountry residents.

Our offices aren’t too far from the playground Fennell is hoping to extremely makeover and it certainly needs the help.  But Fennell has a long road ahead of him to gain the trust of a neighborhood that is understandably skeptical of unsolicited help. Send your good karma points his way and we’ll try to update everone on his progress.