OK. Imagine you’re walking down King Street. And you see all the folks lined up outside the Apple store to buy the iPhone 5. You want one, but you can’t afford it. So you walk on, head down and in a funk, like Ann Romney after she had to wash dishes that one time when Consuela called in sick. Weep weep.

Now imagine there’s a guy in a trenchcoat standing on the sidewalk. And he whispers to you, “Psst. You want a new iPhone, eh?”

Against your better judgment you answer, “Yes.”

The man in the trenchcoat walks closer to you and whispers, “Here’s what you do. Vote for Obama.”

You step back, a look of shock on your face. Surely, this man is mad.

Sensing your disbelief, the man in the trenchcoat attempts to ease your mind. “I’m not joking. Obama is giving away free iPhones to anyone who votes for him,” he says.

“Here,” he adds, as he pulls an iPhone out of pocket. “Watch this video.”

And you do. And lo and behold, you discover that what the man in the trenchcoat says is true.

Or at least that’s what yahoos like Charleston GOP chair Lin Bennett want you to believe.

See, earlier today, Bennett tweeted a link to a post at Mitt Romney Central, proclaiming that Obama is giving away cell phones to voters, and not just any voters mind you — only minority voters. Bennett didn’t offer a disclaimer. She didn’t say that the claim needed to be factchecked. Nope. In fact, Bennett called it a “must see” video.

After watching the video, it’s clear that the lady who inadvertently alerted the Republican masses to Obama’s dastardly plan isn’t the most credible of sources. Truth be told, I don’t see her sitting in on campaign strategy meetings with Obama and David Axelrod. But what gets me is this: If this is all the proof that GOPers like Bennett need to prove that Obama is giving cell phones to every minority voter who votes for him, then why does a birth certificate from the State of Hawaii simply not suffice?

Anyhow, here’s the video in question:

For the record, the FCC offers free phone service to low-income families, which, of course, is drastically different from the claim that Bennett and Mitt Romney Central are making.