Charleston County Republican Party head Lin Bennett is scared. She’s frightened. She’s freaked out. And she wants you to know it.

Yesterday, Bennett stumbled one of the most dastardly plots in American history, one that involves President Barack Obama, members of the U.S. military, the media, and law enforcement officers in Tampa Bay, the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Once Bennett learned about this evil, evil plan, she did want any concerned citizen would do: She tweeted a link to it.

The link takes you to the website of the Ulsterman Report, the news org that first learned of this sinister scheme. Apparently, Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Tampa during the GOP convention is not the well-timed fuck you it appears to be. Ulsterman, um, reports:

That Biden visit to Tampa got my wheels spinning. What the hell are they up to? How far is Biden willing to go to remain relevant? To stay on the ticket? So I put some feelers out to the WH. Got lots of people willing to talk and share these days.

Here’s the deal. Nobody has heard anything on that visit beyond it’s being planned. SS had protocols in place only as recently as 72 hours ago. So this thing wasn’t planned more than a week ago. At the most. That means the campaign is being damn tight lipped about it which is out of the ordinary for them. Now that has me really thinking. Something don’t sit right here. Why send the #2 right down to the GOP convention? What is the purpose? Leak the trip, but don’t say anything substantial regarding the reason for the trip. Just a publicity stunt? An attempt at poking the eye of the Romney team?

That don’t add up for. Not even close. So I’m asking around some more. And I’m not the only one. Nothing is coming back. Finally get a call into the Old Man. Alert him to my concerns. Within 30 minutes he gets back to me. We got legit Intel from military source. Nothing concrete. Which got our source’s attention. That is a big red alert. This thing is being planned. Staged. Might be a handful of local law enforcement in on it. Apparently a related communication from DHS within the last 24 hrs. Union thugs. Got to be a Jarrett Gerard initiated plan. Something along those lines.

I’m giving you and your readers a heads up here. False flag. The real deal. They will try and control it but make it look uncontrolled. Dangerous. Make it reflect poorly on the Republicans and their supporters. A dangerous and desperate operation here. Even a dimwit like Biden has to know how dangerous.

I know. I know. That’s like some really spooky shit.

And it gets worse. Ulsterman notes:

There is to be some form of altercation, protest, outbreak, etc. Not sure on specifics. Purpose is to make VP look sympathetic but more important, give media portrayal of “radical” conservatives a timely visual upon which to build that right through to Election Day.

-Source relayed they confirmed whispers of this locally by some media in Tampa later this afternoon. Biden’s arrival in Tampa already deemed “provocative” which will ensure significant media coverage. The event/false flag will be used to overshadow the Monday convention ceremonies, as well as cast a shadow on convention for remainder of the week.

-Military source indicated this plan did NOT come from Chicago. Axelrod is indicating surprise and uncertainty. He has either become a much better actor or he had very little if anything to do with this. Not that he isn’t capable. Guy is an assh-le. That means it is WH specific. That means Jarrett, as I indicated earlier. Where is Gerard?

-What the Obama team is doing here is incredibly dangerous. Country is at brink already. Just beneath the surface. This kind of thing, if not totally controlled, could break out into an even more significant event. Perhaps they want that outcome?????

-Tie this in with earlier reports regarding the ammunition purchases. Originally I ignored your questions on that. Last week it received my full attention. It’s the real deal. I am gonna add that you don’t do target practice with hollow point. Those are designed for one thing and one thing only. Let that sink in. Why is the Obama government buying up this kind of ammo in such massive amounts? Place those ammo purchases with their willingness to stage a confrontation such as what they intend this Monday.

Yikes. Scary stuff. Thanks, Lin, for letting us know.

Stay vigilant, my friends. Stay vigilant.