Charleston Grill and the Kentucky Distillers’ Association host a special Mocktober fundraiser to help support the end of addiction within the food and bev industry.

For those who’ve suffered from addiction (or DDs, pregnant women — the list goes on) it can be difficult to go out to eat, surrounded by bottles of wine and revelers sipping their stiff Manhattans. There are rarely beautifully crafted mocktails available, drinks sans alcohol that actually taste good, and make the drinker feel good, too. 


For one week this October (Mon. Oct 15-21) Charleston Grill welcomes any and all diners to try a zero proof mocktail, including the Leitz Eins Zwei Zero, a zero alcohol sparkling Riesling from Germany; the French 0.0, a lemon, simple syrup, and blenheim ginger ale sparkling wine; and a Bold Fashioned, made with cranberry, simply syrup, muddled oranges, and bitters.

For every picture posted on social media with the hashtag #mocktober, the Kentucky Distillers’ Association will donate $1 (and up to $5,000) to the Mocktail Project.

The Mocktail Project’s Mocktober campaign spans bars, restaurants, and distilleries based mostly in its founding state of Kentucky. It’s fitting that Charleston Grill would throw their hat into the mocktail ring, as GM Mickey Bakst is also the co-founder and staunch supporter of Ben’s Friends, an organization founded here in the Lowcountry in honor of late chef Ben Murray, who lost his battle with addiction.

To learn more about the Mocktail Project and to contribute online, click here.