South Carolina doesn’t have the best rep. We’re repeatedly teased by the bigger kids on the block (we’re talking to you, NYC).

While the Yanks may have a case when calling us rednecks (see the Redneck Summer edition of The City Pap), they can’t say we’re not funny.

At the ECNY Awards Monday night, both I Eat Pandas and The Harvard Sailing Team took home the gold in their comedy categories (Best Improv Group and Best Sketch Comedy Group, respectively).

These two — singularly isolated from the steady stream of comedic genius that flies from the Big Apple — performed in Charleston just days before their dominance was declared.

And their performance here was not just a case of comedic charity.

Speaking with the Kramer-esque Adam Lustick after the Harvard Sailing show two Thursdays ago, he was unable to contain his “thank-yous.”

Lustick was so jazzed that Charleston had hosted his up-and-coming gang of funny people that he unreservedly called us as “the best audience ever.”

Take that, America!

It looks like we are the teacher’s pet now. —Meaghan Strickland