[image-1] As if we needed it, the Holy City got another destination stamp of approval in a list of best (and worst) cities for a staycation.

Charleston came in at No. 6 in a list of 182 American cities.

The report was released Wednesday by the personal finance website Wallethub.

Cities were graded across three dimensions: recreation, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation.
[content-3] Charleston was ranked highly in recreation (No. 7) and rest and relaxation (No. 9).

South Carolina’s oldest city came in at No. 1 — a tie with New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco — for the most museums per capita. While we do boast a considerable amount of exhibition spaces (among them the Charleston Museum, the Gibbes, and various historical homes), we were probably helped out by Charleston’s relatively low population of 136,208 people.

The top five cities for a staycation are, in order: Honolulu, Orlando, Chicago, San Diego, and Portland, Ore.[content-1]