In case you missed it, local library-goers: The Charleston County Public Library (CCPL) stopped charging fines for overdue library materials starting, including DVDs, Blu-Rays, CDs, Chromebooks and many other non-traditional items after having stopped charging fees for overdue books in 2018.

This is part of a growing trend throughout the country, as libraries seek to increase accessibility to their services. And, the move causes negligible damage to library funding — in 2020, revenue from fines and fees amounted to only 1% of CCPL’s total funds.

Items not returned within 42 days of its due date may still be considered lost, however, which may lead to a referral to a collections agency in order for the library to recover either the item or its full replacement cost.

All fines incurred before June 1 will be waived if the item is returned to the library by the end of July as part of the CCPL’s “Amnesty for All” initiative.