[image-1] Yesterday South Carolina Humanities announced that four individuals were awarded with the 2018 Governor’s Awards in the Humanities, which recognizes outstanding achievement in humanities research, teaching, and scholarship. The recipients include S.C. photographer Cecil Williams; literary arts advocate Sara June Goldstein; historian and educator Bobby Donaldson; and director of the Charleston Library Society, Anne Cleveland.

Before joining the Library Society team in 2008, Cleveland was a history and English teacher at Charleston Day School for almost two decades. When she joined CLS, Cleveland resuscitated the society, originally founded in 1748, by bolstering membership and financial support. During her time as executive director, Cleveland has opened the Main Reading Room to the public and invited a wide array of authors, scholars, and musicians to the Library.

If you’re interested in celebrating Cleveland and the other recipients, RSVP for a special luncheon in their honor, held in Columbia on Thurs. Oct. 25 at 11 a.m.

Learn more about the Charleston Library Society and its upcoming events online.