The conservative Charleston Mercury has released its endorsements. It’s supporting anybody but Henry Brown.

We urge readers to send Congressman Brown a message about bringing home the bacon and vote for Katherine Jenerette or Paul Norris in the primary. Anyone watching the national political trends and studying patterns of incumbents knows that me-too Republicans will not cut it any longer. Of Brown’s two GOP opponents, Katherine Jenerette is the better experienced, having worked for Henry Brown as a field operative and served in the U.S. Army. She is married and has four children. Mrs. Jenerette has a smile made for political talk shows and as a history professor, she is grounded in perspective that will serve her well.

In summary, we reference Congressman Brown’s own postcard in which it claims that he is: “Working to reform government.” Nothing could be further from the truth; send the Republican “workhorse” out to pasture.

The line about “sending a message” suggests the Mercury knows that both challenges are likely to fail on Tuesday, but trouble in the ranks could mean bad things in November.