I have a confession to make: I’m not a big fan of bloody Marys. Give me a Bellini over a spiked tomato drink any day. ni over a spiked tomato drink any day. But when I heard that Charleston Mix was launching a new, spiced up version of their bloody Mary mixer, I had to check it out — especially since the Icebox/Event Drs warehouse is just a block away from City Paper headquarters.

They did an admirable job of transforming the bare-bones, industrial space into a stylish, welcoming party scene. Leather couches and tables were set up under a canopy along with a bar, where the Icebox experts poured the drink du jour (made with Firefly vodka) into mason jars garnished with pickled okra and lime. I ordered a half-sized glass and tried my best to like it — I really wanted to — but quickly abandoned it for the lavender and rosemary-infused vodka I sniffed out in an inside room that was outfitted with an impressive full bar — we assume it’s where they entertain potential clients.

While a few other guests sipped wine, most people seemed perfectly happy with the bloody. Even a pregnant lady was seen sipping a glass, sans alcohol, of course. Cru Catering had a smattering of hors d’oeuvres scattered throughout the space, including their addictive chicken ‘n’ waffles, a tiny fried chicken nugget tucked into a miniature waffle cone — I ate enough of those to count as dinner. While I didn’t fall for Charleston Mix, the hosts did succeed in doing what they do best: throwing a good party. —Erica Jackson Curran