[image-1]The Charleston Museum hosts a special (free) presentation on Fri. April 28 at 6 p.m. to honor a craftsmen from the 1800s named Dave the Potter. Their goal is to recognize artists and craftsmen from history who have contributed to the culture and history of the south.

An African-American slave from South Carolina’s Edgefield District, Dave the Potter was a maker of large stoneware pottery, such as jars and churns, noteworthy because of his inclusion of poetry on over 30 of his finished works. His pottery is influential not only because of the artistry of his work, but because of the significance of a slave being able to read and write. In the early and mid-1800s it was often illegal for slaves to even be literate. Charleston Museum is home to many of the artist’s works, laying claim to the largest collection of his pottery in the country.

Marcus Amaker, poet laureate of Charleston, will be hosting the presentation, and Grahame Long, Chief Curator of Charleston Museum, will be discussing Dave’s pottery and history. Following the discussion, Amaker will be reading some of his own original poetic works, along with a new poem inspired by Dave.